Who We Are

The Spartan Community Center of Hazelwood is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We impact the lives of individuals across the Hazelwood Community focusing on inclusivity, while fostering a culture of health and  wellbeing.

• Volunteer Opportunities • Support for Community Projects

• After-school Programs • Promote Cultural Diversity & Inclusion

• Combating Loneliness • Promote Healthy Living

• Educational Opportunities

Our Mission

The Spartan Community Center of Hazelwood Is to provide a safe space and central location for educational, social services, recreational and community support for all residents of greater Hazelwood as a 501(C3) non-profit organization.

The Spartan Center is an incubator for startup organizations, entrepreneurs, and social activism.

In addition, the Spartan Community Center is authorized to engage in other activities and pursuits which are related to their specific objectives and purposes. 

Consider donating to the The Spartan Community Center of Hazelwood . Your support is greatly needed for building upkeep and renovations

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